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4 ways to feel less bloated

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Hello friends! In today’s post I want to talk to you about what you should do to stop feeling bloated. You may be training and eating correctly but you see that your belly is like swollen, so much so that sometimes it is even difficult to button your pants. Sometimes this is normal if you’ve had a two pound burger for dinner the night before, but often it’s your habits that make your gut look like a zeppelin.

We are going to see what you should and what you should not do so that your gut can return to what it was.

1. Hydration before exercise

You already know that it is very important to be well hydrated during the day, but especially before starting to exercise. In addition, this will make your digestion better by facilitating the movement of food within your body. But drinking too much water and especially in a short period of time is what will make you feel more bloated .

Solution:  To avoid this sensation you should drink approximately half a liter of water one or two hours before training. This will give your body enough time to absorb the fluid you need and dispose of what it doesn’t. Then, 15 minutes before you can drink 0.250 liters of water to fill your tanks.

2. Gels and jelly beans

Many people decide to give themselves a boost of energy by eating gels or jelly beans. The problem is that these types of supplements release a large amount of carbohydrates in the form of fructose and / or maltodextrin, which most people find it difficult to digest. For this reason, you may feel more bloated after consuming these gels. And is that sugar passes very quickly from the stomach to the intestine and can cause discomfort or even diarrhea.

Be careful, I’m not saying that they should be avoided. In fact, if your body tolerates them well, it is one of the best options to have an extra energy during training.

Solution:  Start your training with half a bag of gummies and combine them with water to dilute the hydrates and help your body absorb them. If you still have problems, try eating a banana or some orange slices. Both are low in fructose and therefore easier to digest.

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3. You take in too much fiber

Women especially, radically change their diet during bikini surgery or a designated event. If you are used to a low fiber diet and suddenly you start eating fruit, salads and cereals as if there were no tomorrow, you will feel that you are going to explode. That’s because your body hasn’t created the bacteria  (in a good clear way) to digest that much fiber.

Our bodies have trillions of bacteria that help process food in the stomach and intestines. When poorly digested food reaches our colon, bacteria try to break it down by producing gas.

Avoid It:  Make your belly friend to fiber by building progressive tolerance. You should add 5 grams (or less) of fiber from fruits and vegetables each week until you reach the recommended amount of 25-30 grams. Add that amount of fiber to just one meal a day to make it easier for you to keep track. With the passage of time your body the number of bacteria in your stomach will grow and your body will have got used to your new fiber-rich diet.

4. Snack on protein bars

These types of bars usually contain whey protein concentrate or milk protein concentrate, which makes your gut bloat if you have lactose intolerance. There are others that are made with soy protein that can also give you gas (it is still a legume) and contains carbohydrates that cost more to digest.

Solution:  Look for protein bars that are easier to tolerate, such as walnut or rice barsMake sure that the protein is not from concentrate but from isolate, which has a higher percentage of pure protein and less lactose. You may pay a little more but it will be worth it.

So friends if you are prone to feeling bloated and you did not know why, I hope I have helped. As always, if you have any questions, I await your comments and I will solve it (or at least I will give it a try).

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