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6 tips why Pilates makes you live better

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If you have had a bad day at work there is an activity that, while training you, can also relax you and escape stress. And it is not what you think, Pilates is not a workout only for celebrities (although when something becomes fashionable…).

Also today there are many places where they practice this discipline. From the usual typical gyms (be careful with this option because classes can be overcrowded) to more specialized places with smaller groups such as the Termas de Griñón Gym.

Let’s see what can happen to you if you start doing Pilates on a regular basis.

1. Say goodbye to stress

Pilates on both floor and machine has been growing in popularity for several reasons. The results are quick, which means that there is a greater motivation to continue training. In addition, the classes can be very intense working the whole body. And like any exercise, in addition to the feeling of a job well done, you get a good dose of endorphins.

2. Stronger and more defined arms

Pilates, although it tries to work the whole body starting from the CORE (the lumbar and abdominal area), it can also be done in a more specific way with exercises where the arms are the protagonists. At the end of the day, any position in quadruped, or position of funds make your arms work with intensity. If we also include materials such as elastic bands, this work can be made more intense.

3. Helps you stay fit

A good Pilates workout can leave you exhausted. And it is not necessary to forget that this discipline is also training. During the session your body will burn calories, but the best thing is that by toning and hardening your muscles, you will be increasing your basal metabolism. This means that the higher your muscle tone, the more calories you burn in a resting state.

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4. No more bad postures

Pilates programs are designed for athletes as well as ordinary people like you and me. The goal is to work strength and correct posture in the key areas of the hip and lumbar area, dorsal area, and neck. Basically to counteract the bad postures produced by the day to day. In addition, the instructor must ask the client about the areas that he wants to start working on and where he wants to see results more quickly. In this way, a specific program can be designed to activate these muscles specifically so that later a more global work can be done.

5. You can do it even pregnant

Pregnancy and breastfeeding involve many changes in a woman’s body. But many of them do not want to stop exercising during their pregnancy. And they do well because women who train their core muscles during those 14 weeks have better deliveries and suffer less back pain.

In addition, this training also accelerates the process of recovering the shape of your body from before pregnancy. And as if that were not enough, it is already known that adequate exercise at the right time improves the immune system, circulation, and gives you enough energy to enjoy the pregnancy as much as possible.

But remember that, as when doing any exercise, it is best to consult a doctor.

6. A life without back pain

Pilates was initially developed as a rehabilitation tool. Joseph Pilates was a German gymnast born in 1883, who dedicated his life to teaching his exercise techniques as he believed that poor posture went hand in hand with poor health. He said that having awareness of the breath and a correct alignment of the spine will be able to work the deep muscles of the trunk, which cannot be done with other traditional exercises.

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