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9 benefits of swimming

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Without a doubt, swimming is a very complete exercise, you can exercise your muscles without receiving any damage to your joints. It allows you to clear your mind, you get healthy lungs, a dream figure and slender legs.

Whether you are a man or a woman, a young person or an elderly person, you can practice this sport, since it is suitable for all ages and you run almost no risk in its practice and it is a very good activity for your health.

When doing this sport, the most notable benefits are:

Healthier lungs

Among the main benefits of swimming is the ability to develop stronger lungs. By practicing this sport you exercise the muscles that are responsible for filling and emptying our lungs of air. In this way we will obtain an optimal respiratory rate, the density of red blood cells in the blood is increased and you will have better oxygenation through efficient respiration.

You will have stronger joints

When swimming we obtain flexibility in muscles and joints and this allows the ligaments to be more resistant, increase muscle mass, resistance and movement capacity. As a water sport, swimming offers the same muscular benefits as jogging but offers less impact on the joints. This is why it is common for people who suffer from muscle injuries and back or knee pain to be recommended swimming as the ideal sport to improve their quality of life.

You will get stronger muscles

Swimming requires that our body use more than two thirds of the muscles that the human body has, in this way the toning of many is achieved, they are strengthened and, even, it helps to prevent joint injuries that occur with age. To do this, of course, we must swim a minimum of 20 minutes.

Keeps you calm

Swimming, being a sport that deserves discipline and concentration, encourages the mind to clear and remain calm. During 30 minutes of constant strokes it is possible to completely disconnect from the daily routine, problems, imaginary nightmares and obtain the benefit of decreased anxiety, physical and mental relaxation and increased self esteem.

Keeps you young

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Studies confirm that a 65 year old who swims regularly can enjoy a better quality of life and health than a 45 year old non swimmer. This is because swimming is an excellent sport to prevent cardiovascular diseases, helps maintain a stable blood pressure, relieves arthritis symptoms and stimulates blood circulation in the body. Even swimming is one of the recommended sports for pregnant women.

You lose weight

When we swim our body exerts a fight against the water to be able to move. This fight represents the stimulation of all the muscles of the body which translates into a considerable burning of calories. Swimming for 30 minutes doing a general stroke (without slow or fast effort) can help you burn up to 300 kilocalories.

It is ideal for all ages

One of its strengths is that swimming is an ideal sport for everyone, especially for those more delicate population groups such as pregnant women, babies or the elderly. It is also recommended for people who suffer from diseases such as scoliosis (or any back problem) and asthma. It is important to choose the style of swimming that best suits our abilities, but whatever it is, there is no excuse not to jump into the water.

Improve your sex life and mood               

Another benefit of swimming for women is that this sport stimulates the production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that increases when people are in love and activates sexual desire. This hormone is also one of those responsible for regulating mood and reducing stress.

Contributes to psychomotor development

With swimming, children naturally learn to adopt correct body posture. In addition, it contributes to psychomotor development, so it is also a sport especially suitable for older people or those who suffer from some type of degenerative disease of the motor pathways.

The practice of this sport can be very beneficial for you and your family members, since you know its benefits and what you need to practice it, what are you waiting for? Time to swim!

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