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How to exercise the mind to perform better in the exercise?

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Behind that person with a great body that you aspire to become, behind that swimmer who impresses everyone with her speed and behind almost all successful athletes there is a great mind strengthened in many aspects that makes them capable of doing everything they want. do. You may not have realized that now, but the way athletes develop muscles they also need to develop the mind to endure the effort and go far in what they are doing.

If you are still starting out you may still need some extra help, therefore, you can read this article by Gananci with a compilation of motivational thoughts that will help you daily inspiration to achieve what you set out to do.

How does the mind influence and what is it necessary for when exercising?

The mind influences absolutely everything we do in our day to day, from the smallest to the largest and this does not change when it comes to sports. The fact that there is something called “sports psychology” should reveal the importance of good psychological health in order to perform well, since only a powerful mind can accept the physical challenges that a sport demands.

  • Discipline:

Only a disciplined mind can succeed when it comes to exercise. Most of us get used to postponing everything, not being constant in anything we do and making little tricks to choose the easy path and these three things are prohibited for any athlete who aspires to be high performance.

Discipline is necessary to comply with each of the trainings on time, the necessary hours, every day that they are needed. Taking the easy way is sabotaging yourself, therefore, discipline is necessary when eating and not going out of your diet, not succumbing to temptations and sticking with the amount of food you should eat per day at the corresponding time. Do you think that a person with a weak mind can meet these demands?

  • Concentration:

Everyone in this life has thousands of problems. Each of us fights with his partner, has a family member with a disease and has friction at work… it is something common in life! It would really be better not to have any problems or to be able to escape from them, but the only thing left for us is to solve them and not let them influence our life.

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An athlete knows that no external problem should affect their performance and although these people are 100% focused, it does not mean that they have no problems to attend to and solve; the only difference between them and the majority is that they know that it is forbidden to let these problems affect their performance and that the time of the sport is only to concentrate 100% on said activity.

  • Positivism:

Do you know how many times Cristiano Ronaldo had to miss before scoring his first goal? Do you know how many tennis matches Maria Sharapova had to lose to win her first big title? Now imagine if they had given up after their first failures, because obviously they would not be where they are right now.

Positivism is an imperative aspect in the mind of any athlete, because this is what will make them continue to strive and that despite all the bad things they continue to feel capable of achieving great things. A positive mind in a self confident person is a rocket ready to propel anyone to the goal, there is no way that failure will knock you down when you know that your achievements are already near.

  • Resistance:

Physical pain and fatigue can affect your ability to do certain things, it is true, but how you handle such pain and fatigue will determine how much it really affects you. Mental resistance is just as important as physical resistance, because while physical pain appears, it is the mind that tells you that you can hold on a little longer.

When the difficulty appears, the mind will give you two options: give up or resist. The weak mind will choose to surrender and the resistant mind will choose to continue. True mental toughness appears when you have two options and the easy option is available but you still decide to put yourself to the test. That separates a regular athlete from an excellent athlete.

Give yourself a new task of increasing your mental power so that you can achieve great advances in your physical performance. You won’t believe what you can do when your mind is in tune with your body.

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