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The best glute exercises to do at home

In this last decade we have been involved in a new fashion, but we could consider it as a cult to the back of our body. The amount of information, erroneous and true, products or surgical alterations that exist regarding this subject

10 ways to burn 300 extra calories in a day

It is clear that when we want to lose weight, all help is little, and the more calories we have burned at the end of the day, the better, right? Of course, with 300 calories we are not going to get much if we continue lying on the sofa

9 benefits of swimming

Without a doubt, swimming is a very complete exercise, you can exercise your muscles without receiving any damage to your joints. It allows you to clear your mind, you get healthy lungs, a dream figure and slender legs.

8 tips to optimize time in the gym

A healthy lifestyle has become the best option for many. Exercises, toned bodies, and the famous green smoothies invade social networks. We all want to join in this way of living to improve our appearance and stay healthier

The use of technology in a dental office

The use of technology in the dental office is a novelty that has won over doctors and patients around the world. This is because the introduction of scientific innovations in the health field is capable of making consultations more

Obesity and its health risks

In recent years, some chronic diseases have increased in incidence worldwide, due to the current lifestyle of a large part of the population. One of these diseases is obesity. This is a condition that affects more than 20 million people

4 ways to feel less bloated

Hello friends! In today's post I want to talk to you about what you should do to stop feeling bloated. You may be training and eating correctly but you see that your belly is like swollen, so much so that sometimes it is even

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