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Anxiety and oral health: know the relationship

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It may seem strange at first, but there is a close relationship between anxiety and oral health. That’s because the nervous system is interconnected with the whole body, including the mouth, and anxiety can generate “signs” and even quirks that affect other parts of the body.

Therefore, if a person suffers from anxiety, depression or other emotional issues, it is possible that they also have some symptoms and even complications in the oral cavity.

However, before delving into the impacts and habits that anxiety can bring to the body, it is necessary to understand the opposite relationship.

To get an idea of ​​the close relationship between them, a positive effect that oral health can bring to the emotional concerns the gain of self-esteem and self-confidence, providing the improvement of interpersonal relationships in the different environments of coexistence.

Despite this, as mentioned earlier, some issues and problems with emotional health can also have an effect on oral health and vice versa. Find out more about this relationship in the following topics:

nail biting habit

The habit of biting nails, in addition to being extremely unhygienic, can also cause some damage to the dental arch.

This action is usually related to anxiety or stress, becoming a behavioral symptom of this problem with emotional health.


Bruxism is one of the clearest examples of the influence of emotional health on oral health, because it is a condition of anxiety, stress or other emotional problems that end up causing this disorder.

People who suffer from bruxism or briquesm (the second also related to grinding and tension between the teeth, but presented during the day) have the habit of clenching their teeth, especially during sleep, which can break or crack the dental arch.

In these cases, different treatments can be performed, both to control the bruxism condition and to repair the compromised dental structures.

When you are an employee of a certain company, for example, it is possible to verify your accomplishment with the plan offered by it.

Including the advantage of having a benefit such as a medical plan and business dentistryis that treatment can be done on a more regular basis.

In addition, multidisciplinary follow-up is very beneficial to solve this situation, and this benefit can also contribute to better recording and sharing of information among professionals, which may involve areas such as dentistry, psychology and neurology.

Basically, between treatments, the patient will use a plate to mitigate the impacts of the unconscious habit of grinding or clenching the teeth, while mental health is also worked to mitigate these effects.

carelessness with hygiene

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Generally, people with depression, which may or may not be associated with anxiety, do not have the courage to perform natural everyday tasks, which ends up impacting the treatment with oral hygiene, being susceptible to oral complications, such as:

  • Plate formation;
  • Halitosis;
  • Tartarus;
  • Caries;
  • Periodontitis.

Therefore, the importance ofdental agreement, so that all these oral problems are not only avoided, but treated properly.

Consumption of substances harmful to oral health

When in a state of emotional health, people can often resort to alcoholic beverages or cigarettes, as well as other addictions such as anxious eating, which is very bad for the teeth and the body as a whole.

In addition, there are those who have eating disorders, which make people, when they are emotionally destabilized, compulsively eat carbohydrates or sweets.

According to dentistsdental plan, sugar is one of the most harmful foods to oral health because it influences the corrosive action of bacteria, which directly impacts the structure and dental protection, facilitating the emergence of inflammation and cavities.

Teeth structuring problems

When you have habits of discounting anxiety in chewing or biting objects, for example, there will most likely be problems in the structure of the teeth, which will impair chewing, speech and diction.

To recover the ideal structure of the dentition, it is necessary to evaluate with a dentist of dental plan for MEI, corporate or individual, depending on the modality that the patient fits, to make an appointment and evaluate the feasibility of performing some procedure for correction or recovery of the structure.

Among the possible procedures, it is possible to resort from improving alignment with the use of the device, reducing tension with intraoral plates, even dental restoration for when there is a tooth break.

In this sense, in order to carry out procedures with more tranquility and speed, it is important to highlight the importance and benefits that can be acquired by resorting to contracting an agreement, since the appropriate specialists for each situation can be consulted for lower costs.

It is also important to highlight the existence of different types of dental plan and for different profiles.

For example, for those who need and are interested in the benefit, but are not employees of any company, and may be a micro-entrepreneur, there is the possibility of evaluating adental plan for MEI, or even an individual service package.

Thus, everyone has the opportunity to take care of oral health at a price compatible with their situation.

It is important to emphasize that, regardless of the plan and the existence of anxiety, the frequency to go to the dentist is every six months and basic hygiene care must be maintained in order to preserve the cavity.

In this way, oral health will be guaranteed and the cavity protected from problems with bacterial plaque, which causes various diseases, facilitating some treatments that may be necessary to control anxiety or even depression.

We hope our article has helped you further on this topic. To always stay on top of news, visit our other posts and share with your friends and on your social networks.

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