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Anxiety and oral health: know the relationship

It may seem strange at first, but there is a close relationship between anxiety and oral health. That's because the nervous system is interconnected with the whole body, including the mouth, and anxiety can generate "signs" and even quirks

The impact of healthy eating on your smile

With the advancements of science, you will discover that even if you have energy, a healthy eating can prevent it and tie it all together, including fatigue. Gastritis, obesity, caries and hypertension are among the main causes of

Importance of dental care for the elderly

Caring for the integrity of oral tissues should be a priority for patients of all ages, but especially for seniors. Therefore, dentistry for the elderly is a specialty that has gained increasing popularity in the country. After all, in

The use of technology in a dental office

The use of technology in the dental office is a novelty that has won over doctors and patients around the world. This is because the introduction of scientific innovations in the health field is capable of making consultations more

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