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6 tips why Pilates makes you live better

If you have had a bad day at work there is an activity that, while training you, can also relax you and escape stress. And it is not what you think, Pilates is not a workout only for celebrities (although when something becomes

Basic Tips for a Healthy Diet

More and more people are interested in having a healthy diet, whether they just want to improve their health, want to lose weight, gain muscle, or obtain all the aforementioned results. People who are only focused on losing weight are…

11 good tips to start running

Running is in fashion. People who never dreamed of being athletes are now doing 5km races or half marathons. And I include myself in this mass of the population. Years ago, in school, I could not finish the typical "course

The impact of healthy eating on your smile

With the advancements of science, you will discover that even if you have energy, a healthy eating can prevent it and tie it all together, including fatigue. Gastritis, obesity, caries and hypertension are among the main causes of

Anxiety and oral health: know the relationship

It may seem strange at first, but there is a close relationship between anxiety and oral health. That's because the nervous system is interconnected with the whole body, including the mouth, and anxiety can generate "signs" and even quirks

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