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Learn how to prevent thrush caused by the use of dental appliances

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Knowing how to prevent thrush caused by braces is essential so that treatment becomes less difficult. Canker sores can arise due to minor trauma caused by biting the cheek and even by hitting the brush against the teeth while brushing.

However, patients who use orthodontic appliances tend to have a greater number of thrush at the beginning of treatment. These minor injuries can make a simple meal a painful time.

Therefore, technologies in the field of orthodontics have been increasingly useful, as solutions are becoming more comfortable. Next, you learn how to prevent thrush even if you have treatment using a porcelain appliance. Check out:

What are thrush and how to prevent it?

Canker sores are small sores that appear in the mouth. Even though these injuries are very common, they are still very uncomfortable. Although the lesions are benign, if they appear very often, it is recommended to seek an experienced professional.

Because only he can recommend the best treatment for your cold sore, resulting from the transparent dental braces. Among the most recommended treatments are:

  • Protective waxes for the appliance;
  • ointments and gels;
  • Site sanitation;
  • In some cases, remedies.

However, it is not recommended to carry out the diagnosis itself. This is because the treatment of thrush must be carried out based on a professional recommendation.

The medicines used for the treatment can only be purchased with a prescription from a dentist. So get help from your orthodontist. Only he can help you.

How to take care of oral hygiene with orthodontic braces

Although it is more complicated to maintain oral hygiene with the device dental invisible, hygiene must be constant, to prevent dirt on the teeth from further damaging the appearance of thrush.

If thrush is present, it is important that you do not skip any hygiene steps. What can be done to avoid pain is to make movements smooth and more cautious.

In general, care for hygiene with the white bracesare the same for those who do not undergo orthodontic treatment. Below, we list in detail the steps of oral hygiene:

1.   Carry out cleaning with caution

Correct hygiene is essential so that there is no problem due to poor hygiene.

However, although brushing should be a priority, it should be done with care so that it does not cause pain or gum retraction due to rough brushing. In addition, the recommendation is that brushing lasts at least two minutes.

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In this way, food remains are completely eliminated, preventing problems such as cavities, thrush and even periodontitis.

2.   Always use dental floss

The use of dental floss is essential for cleaning teeth. That’s because it is able to do a thorough cleaning, as it removes food residues in places where the toothbrush cannot reach.

In addition, flossing removes the debris that is between the braces and the gums.

This cleaning must take place at least once a day and preferably before bedtime.

3.   Use the proper tools

If you use the sapphire braces, the ideal is that you use the most suitable tools. Among them are the thread guide, which is a plastic needle that guides the dental floss between the braces and the teeth.

In addition, you can count on a multitude of orthodontic brushes, which fit perfectly into the brackets and facilitate cleaning.

4.   go to the dentist regularly

Although the treatment makes regular visits, the ideal is to go at least twice a year to do a more thorough cleaning.

Only in the office can the dentist clean all the corners of the appliance and teeth.

5.   Change the brush frequently

Brush change should happen more often for patients using orthodontic appliances. That’s because, with the bristles worn, you won’t be able to do the correct cleaning.

Therefore, when you notice that the brush is very worn, replace it. By following these tips, it’s much easier to avoid thrush and other oral problems that can develop as a result of poor hygiene.

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