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This is what you have to do when counting calories

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When we want to lose weight, what we always hear is that we have to count the calories we eat. The problem is that it is not very clear how to know the specific number of calories that we should consume daily. And even more, how do you translate that number of calories into daily meals?

For this “problem”, the nutritionist Stephanie Ferrari gives us some tips that we can put into practice so as not to make a mess when we have to count calories.

The main thing is to calculate the number of calories you should take, based on various factors such as your personal health, gender, age, weight, height, and level of physical activity.

In the past you had to use paper and a pen to calculate that data, but nowadays with San Internet there is no problem. You can even do it in a single click from this website.

What Ferrari does warn us about (the nutritionist I mean ;-)), is that although we want to quickly lose the extra kilos, we cannot cut our caloric intake too much (forget about stopping eating to lose weight), since we will end up dying of hungry and eating more than we would like.

That said, let’s see some tricks that Stephanie proposes.

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The first thing we have to be clear about is how we are going to distribute the calories throughout the day, dividing them into breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks. For example, if we have to eat a total of 1,750 calories, we can choose to choose 450 at each meal, leaving 150 for mid morning snacks and afternoon snack.

Mobile can be a great ally

Today there are many applications that serve to count calories and the physical activity we do. Thus, we can make a mental scheme of how much we are eating and burning daily. In addition, this control of calories will be a plus in our motivation, and we can see all this as a game or a competition with ourselves.

Two better than one

When we set out to lose weight, finding someone who weighs more or less what we do, and who has the same goal on top of it would be perfect. If we both eat the same number of calories a day, we can also exchange recipes to make everything a little more enjoyable and, why not, fun.

Back to the past

If you are traditional, and you do not see yourself including broccoli, bean sprouts or quinoa in your diet, then the best you can do is analyze everything you have eaten the previous week. Then eliminate the extra calories that you would need to cut to reach your daily calorie goal, so you don’t have to go out of your eating routine.

Look for efficiency

Everything we eat counts, so we must make sure that what each bite is adjusted to the number of calories in that particular food. We can use measuring glasses and read the labels of what we buy well to always know what we are eating, without taking any final surprise.

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