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10 ways to burn 300 extra calories in a day

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It is clear that when we want to lose weight, all help is little, and the more calories we have burned at the end of the day, the better, right?

Of course, with 300 calories we are not going to get much if we continue lying on the sofa watching one chapter after another of our favorite series. However, if you have decided to get in shape and have already started to kick it, we are going to see ten things you can do to burn more calories.

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  1. Dance: Either at a disco on weekends or at a party at your house. Dancing is one of the exercises that burn the most calories (and often the one we have the best time). After an hour burning the track, you will have burned no less than 306 calories. Of course, it is not worth the costs…
  1. Walk: Logically, right? If you have the possibility to change your Skype meetings from your office, for more dynamic ones while you take a walk (which I don’t see as crazy), you will have burned 301 calories in just 20 minutes. If, on the other hand, you don’t see yourself taking a walk while you negotiate whether to buy or sell shares, then you can take advantage of any other time to go out and spend 20 minutes on your shoes. Either to buy bread, to walk the dog, or simply to mentally organize your day after.
  1. Stand up at work: If you are always in your chair glued to a computer, your goal will be to be on your feet for two hours and twenty minutes throughout the day. So you will have burned 303 calories, 70 more than if you spent it sitting. Is there a difference, right?
  1. Clean up time: Do a thorough cleaning of your house: vacuum, scrub, dust, organize closets, and even clean under appliances. Well okay, you can skip that. After all, cleaning is also exercise, and it will burn 301 calories in just half an hour.
  1. Play with your children: And I say this from experience. Half an hour of going out to the street or to the park to play football with your children or catch-up, will make you end the day with 308 fewer calories. Also, who doesn’t like to enjoy their own? Let’s spend some time with them!
  1. Rest with Uncle Jack: 32 minutes of Jumping Jacks burns 301 calories (although I would say a few more). Set an alarm every hour from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and do 4 minutes of Jumping Jacks. Those mini breaks will burn 300 calories.
  1. Put on your skates: Feel like a child again and put on the skates you have in the storage room collecting dust. You will burn 302 calories in 38 minutes.
  1. Stretch: To burn calories you don’t just have to sweat. An hour of vinyasa yoga burns 300 calories. You can also do it at home before going to work to take advantage of all the benefits that this discipline brings.
  1. Jump: You can use a jump rope, or an imaginary rope to jump twice a day for 13 minutes. I know it’s amazing, that’s why you can rest when you think it’s necessary. You will have burned 310 calories.
  1. See the mountain: At this time, skiing is a great option. In addition, we do not usually consider it as an exercise, but as a leisure time and enjoyment with friends and/or family. 45 minutes down slopes give you 306 fewer calories.

We hope our article has helped you further on this topic. To always stay on top of news, visit our other posts and share with your friends and on your social networks.

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