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5 non physical factors that influence physical activity

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Exercising, practicing sports or simply doing some physical activity is something wonderful, which can help us to be healthier and have a good time. But it can also be demanding, requiring us to be strong and persistent.

This happens because, even if the activity is usually fun, it can also mean doing physical effort, testing our endurance, our persistence, and our strength.

But not all the effort made when we do a physical activity is precisely physical, since there are also many other factors, such as our mind or external circumstances that can make the practice more difficult.

Training our mind

If we think of someone who is dedicated to a sport such as running marathons, triathlons or even one of the most demanding disciplines, known as Iron Man, which is a triathlon but with very long distances; we could think of someone very strong.

But many people might also think that a competition where we have to push ourselves to continue for hours passing various tests that require so much effort to continue is also mentally demanding.

For this reason, sometimes engaging in physical activity, in addition to requiring that we train and exercise our body, will also require that we learn to be patient, persistent, and really know our capabilities and limits.

  1. Repetitive tour

Sports such as running, athletics, cycling, or swimming; they could be seen as very recreational activities, especially when they are done outside, outdoors or in nature.

But they are also generally individual disciplines, in which athletes must sometimes go through long, repetitive runs on their own, trying to stay focused on their goal.

Therefore, when the sport is always practiced in the same place, especially in the case of individual disciplines, the absence of change in the route, as in the case of the race tracks, could be a factor for the athlete to feel tired, and it is important to learn how to overcome this.

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  1. Wanting to leave even having energy

Physical activities should never make you feel a lot of pain and this means that everything is fine, because sports and other activities are not made to suffer, but to enjoy, compete and test yourself.

However, physical exhaustion can be the cause of many negative thoughts, where the person might start thinking about quitting even if they still have energy left, but need motivation.

To overcome this, it is very important to learn to recognize our real capacities and limits; being able to differentiate the fact of feeling tired from really needing to stop.

  1. Difficult weather

Not all countries or even cities have a complicated climate, there are some places where the climate remains more or less the same throughout the year, and people are used to it.

However, the weather could be a very important factor in our performance. When it’s really hot, we get dehydrated faster and tire easily; whereas when it is very cold, it might be more difficult to breathe or not feel completely warm to perform as we want.

  1. Feeling afraid of what others might think

The fear, real or not, that other people will make fun of us is quite common and could also be present in sports and physical activity; causing some people not to give as much as they could.

This could be especially common in people who are just beginning to practice a discipline and may feel intimidated by their more experienced peers. But we should remember that we all start from scratch, and making mistakes is part of learning.

But this could also happen with people practicing a discipline that is the victim of stereotypes, such as the way of moving in the Olympic walk, which, far from being “silly”, requires a lot of practice, so it is important not to take negative comments seriously and do what we enjoy.

  1. Be afraid of hurting you

Most sports and activities have a minimum of rules and safety measures to be practiced, which does not mean that there are no possibilities of injuring yourself, but that, by being careful, the risk can be considerably reduced.

We hope our article has helped you further on this topic. To always stay on top of news, visit our other posts and share with your friends and on your social networks.

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