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Dental aesthetic treatments for a beautiful smile

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The demand for aesthetic treatments has been increasing among Brazilians. Among the options available, the preferred ones are non-invasive procedures.

This is because this type of intervention makes it possible to harmonize the face and beautify the features, without the need to use more aggressive techniques.

Lately, this methodology has been especially used, and required, in the care of the appearance of teeth.

There are already several types of aesthetic treatments dedicated to oral beauty, all with the aim of making the smile more beautiful and healthy, helping to improve the patient’s self-esteem and confidence, as well as helping in social interactions.

What are dental aesthetic treatments?

The aesthetic dental procedures, as well as the other beauty interventions, are treatments aimed at correcting flaws or imperfections in the composition of the smile and teeth.

The process is carried out by the different areas of dentistry that make up dentistry. This, in turn, is divided between repair and enhancement of oral appearance.

The area dedicated to restoration will treat bacterial diseases that can cause damage to the structure of the teeth, compromising their integrity and beauty.

It is also the responsibility of these professionals to touch up the damage caused by cavities and tartar, returning the original shape of each tooth and guaranteeing its functionality.

On the other hand, the specialized scope in the visual will fix problems in the most superficial areas, such as the adjustment of the incorrect positioning of some teeth, the wrong fitting of the dental arch and even the performance of procedures such as tooth whitening to recover the arcade tone.

What procedures are available?

The number of aesthetic treatments available in the dental field is extensive and diverse.

In fact, its purposes are so comprehensive that, normally, it is the patient himself who ends up giving the final word on which procedure to perform, after the appropriate professional guidelines and recommendations to achieve a certain result.

For this, the criteria to be considered generally involve the effectiveness of the procedure for the problem encountered – usually this decision is made with the help of the dentist -, the cost advantage and the need for maintenance.

The main treatments are:

  1. Tooth whitening

It aims to remove the yellowish and dull hue that teeth can acquire over time. Stains caused by improper feeding and hygiene can also be eliminated with this treatment.

There are three main techniques for performing whitening and how much does a tooth whitening cost will vary according to the method chosen.

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The first and most common is performed in the office, through the application of the whitening gel.

The second way is through home treatment, in which the dentist will provide a kit that will be applied by the patient himself, in the course of approximately 30 days.

The last method, on the other hand, is the combination of the one performed by the dentist, in the office, and the continuation by the patient at home, promoting greater control of the process.

  • Dental contact lens

When addressing the treatment performed with dental contact lens it should be noted that it can be understood as a variation of porcelain veneers and consists of the application of ultra-thin plates on the teeth.

This procedure does not need to carry out tooth wear and is indicated for those who want to correct the size, color, symmetry and even correct the appearance of cracked or broken teeth.

As it is a new and more advanced technology than the usual porcelain veneers, the technique can interfere in how much does dental contact lens cost, and the value must consider the number of pieces that will be applied and may even involve the professional who will carry out the treatment, as well as the place where the clinic is located.

  • Dental implant

It consists of the procedure that will fix a titanium support on the jaw bone, fulfilling the function of substitute root for a false tooth.

This is a permanent and more stable solution for patients who suffer from the lack of one or more teeth, promoting the restructuring of speech, bite and smile aesthetics.

  • Orthodontic treatments

They aim to reposition crooked or spaced teeth, in addition to fixing positional anomalies of the jaw and treating problems in the ATM muscle.

For this, the orthodontist will use accessories such as the fixed, mobile device or, if the patient wants more discretion, the invisible device.

Advantages of investing in a more beautiful smile

The smile is responsible for the first impression we make and keeping it beautiful and pleasant can help in the way we interact in daily life, directly impacting self-confidence.

Because it is such a predominant part of the face, teeth directly influence the way we see our own beauty and even the image we build of ourselves and our relationships.

In addition, treatment of the appearance of teeth can have a very positive impact on physical health and well-being, such as:

  • Aid in nutrition;
  • Improvement in speech;
  • Relief of head and neck pain;
  • Increased self-confidence;
  • Improvement of breathing, among others.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain the consistency in dental visits, as it is the correct professional monitoring and daily habits, which can be complemented by aesthetic procedures, that the beauty and health of the smile can be preserved.

We hope our article has helped you further on this topic. To always stay on top of news, visit our other posts and share with your friends and on your social networks.

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