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This is how you should eat and train to burn more fat

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When we join the gym, the safest thing is that we do it with the intention of looking fit, that is, to get more muscle and burn more fat.

Well, to achieve this there are many aspects to take into account, both regarding our metabolism, such as the biochemistry of our body, hormones, etc. So I am going to try to explain what is the key to burning more fat while we tone our muscles.

Before talking about food (which you already know is one of the basic pillars), I want to talk about exercise, that is, building muscle.

Basically, the process of burning fat takes place in the mitochondria (a little thing inside the cell) of the muscles. The good thing is that when we move, this process is activated, in addition to regulating the hormones responsible for the same purpose.

The main character that burns the most fat has always been cardiovascular work, although if I tell you the truth, for me it is more important to focus on outside work. It is very easy, if the fat is burned in the mitochondria, which is in the muscle, the more muscle, the more mitochondria and… well, there is little more to say.

That is why the ideal is to do exercises where several muscles are worked at the same time, to increase metabolism and burn more fat during rest.

For this you can choose the deadlift, box jumps, trhusters, bench press, squats, etc.

And of course, you should not forget about the famous, and killer, HIIT, which makes our body unable to create enough oxygen during the session, causing an oxygen debt in the muscles that has to be corrected and compensated after training. And that’s where you start burning fat without realizing it.

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And now yes. Now it’s time to talk about food. If it has already been clear that to burn fat you have to work several muscles at the same time, it is time to see what you have to do when you eat.

The most important thing is that you do not starve, since cortisol (the stress hormone) comes to the fore and causes a greater accumulation of fat in the body. That is why it is important to eat with your head and not stop eating.

For that we must eat less but more frequently. Thus, insulin (which is responsible for controlling fat storage), remains stable.

In short, when we eat, blood glucose rises, and the same goes for insulin. The more calories we eat, the bigger that peak is, and when that happens our body decides to store the nutrients in the fat cells instead of in the muscle.

And let’s go with a little trick. If you eat spicy food, capsaicin (which is what spicy) increases your metabolism hours after you finish eating .

You should also take protein, which is more satiating and builds muscle tissue, making it stronger and more toned.

With these tips, I hope it became clear that to burn fat and tone, the most important thing is to train and eat correctly.

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